Shipping cost

Our coffee goods are exclusively shipped via ACS courier. Our choice of courier services is based on these four factors:

  • Credibility
  • Speed
  • Low cost
  • Services offered

Your order is shipped within 24 hours (one working day) from the moment your payment is registered in our PAYPAL account or in our bank account, as long as the products you have ordered are in stock in our store.

95% of our shipments are delivered to our customers within 24 hours of the time they leave our storage, unless force majeure.

Shipping cost within the Greek territory*:

For each order with weight up to tow (2) kgrs**: 2,30 €

For each additional kgr: plus 0,80 € (continental areas)

plus 1,00 € (islands)

If you choose to pay by delivery there is an additional cost of 2,00 € per order.

All above prices DO NOT include VAT 24%.

For shipping to Thessaloniki and Athens contact us for even lower shipping cost.

There is an option, if you wish, to pick up your order from our storage for free (no additional cost of shipping.


*The following shipping costs ​​are reported in locations where there is a running ACS store. For locations outside the seat of ACS branches, is likely to occur increased shipping costs in the event that they are regarded by ACS as inaccessible areas.
We will inform you by phone or email for shipping costs, in case your address is inaccessible area.

** Please note that the electronic calculating shipping cost system calculates shipping costs based on weight of products, while ACS in the remit includes products with proportionately large volume for its weight (coffee tablets, capsules, etc.), Charge the Shipping volumetrically.
Therefore, the standard fee of 2,30€ (excluding VAT - free delivery) refers to sending 2 kg of coffee beans or 4-5 coffee packages including servings, depending on the product.
In case an order contains servings or capsules you will obtain detailed information by phone or email regarding the shipping costs.