Payment methods

  1. Money deposit in our bank account.
  2. Payment via PayPal.
  3. Payment by delivery.
  4. In cash, in case you pick up from our storage.

Money deposit in our bank account

Most preffered method by our customers, so far. After you have placed and confirmed your order, you will receive an email with our bank accounts data. Your order is shipped within the next 24 hours (one working day) of the confirmation of your deposit.

Payment via PayPal

With PayPal you can shop online securely and conveniently. Payment is carried out without exposing any bank account, credit or prepaid card data to anyone. The whole payment process is finished within a few minutes by redirecting to the secure environment of

Payment by delivery

You pay for the goods you have ordered, the moment you receive them, to the employee of the courier service.

In cash, in case you pick up from our storage

You may pick up your order from our storage, if you wish so, and pay in the spot. In this case please contact us in order to set an appointment for the pick up.